Bass on the Fly

Bass on the Fly

I hit my favorite little ponds for a little Fly Fishing for Bass & Bluegill. I got an early start and got on the water by 10:30. I launched out after taking in the great morning views and all the wildlife that surrounds this pond. I rowed across the pond to the far side and started hitting the banks with a Yellow and Chartreuse gurgler and caught a nice Bluegill on the first cast. I spent most of the day looking for Bass and found several waiting in ambush spots for an unsuspecting Bluegill. Most were in the shallow areas right off the corners of the lilly pads. I stayed till late in the evening around 8:00 PM and there was never a soul there all day. Just me, the fish, some beautiful weather, one tore up Gurgler Fly, and nature all around. I believe that Fly Fishing for Bass and Bluegill will be my summer time passion this year. With all the Bass and Bluegills I have caught so far this year on the Gurgle Fly, I better tie up 4 dozen more to make it through the season.