Bluegill Fever

Bluegill Fever

The weather was nice today so I took out the toon to an area that has several ponds and decided to try some new foam beetle patterns. There are lots of lilly pads in the pond I was going to fish so I took my 7Wt so I could pull them out quick and hard with out getting pulled into the lilly pads. I still lost half as many as I landed, but I caught so many it was great. I even caught a bream I never saw before. A friend identified it as a Flier.

I caught most of them on a yellow & black foam Gartside Gurgler I tied. I caught several on a Japanese beetle I tied with green foil foam. I tie these on a dry fly hook but only use 2/3 of the hook so that when these fish hit it and pop it out of the water there is lots of hook showing on the backend so they get hooked. If you tie a foam fly and tie it so the foam is right near the end of the bend in the hook, you will not get a lot of hook ups. These bream mouths are small and they do not hookset well on foam flies unless you leave 1/3 (or more) of the back of the hook free of material.