Fly Fishing Wilson Creek

Fly Fishing Wilson Creek

The weather was the best it could possible be so my wife, son and me headed out to Upper Wilson Creek. The sun was shinning and the temperatures were right. We hiked in 1.1 miles down 4wd road also called the "Jeep Trail". I fished about 3 minutes before I landed a wild rainbow about 8" long. I caught him on a caddis fly. The water was clear and the level was normal. I fished up Wilson about 100 yards from where I first stepped in. I landed several wild rainbows all 8-10 inches. I then moved 60 yards down below where I first started and fished back up. I saw a nice spot where I knew a trout would be sitting so I cast my caddis fly right up into that feeding alley and WHAmmmmm. Caught a nice 12 inch rainbow. These wild rainbows were full of energy, running and jumping all over the place and this 12 inch rainbow was twice as mean. Unfortunatly I was too far away from my wife and she couldn't bring me the camera, uhhhh. Oh well maybe next time.

I proceeded to leave the main wilson creek and go back up the trail and fish all of the feeder stream called Cary Flat Branch creek. It has a lot of trout in it, but it is VERY tight in places. It's all you can do to dabble the fly off the water in some spots. I caught at least 8 more rainbow trout before I had to get out because we were feeling a few rain drops. I did catch a few brown trout out of this section but they were all very small. The whole family had a blast and the fishing was great. A little History about Mortimer and Edgemont and Coffey's General Store plus Wilson Creek--Brown Mountain