Trout of Steel

Trout of Steel

Had a little time to head out to a wild stream, so I took the family and a buddy of my son and hit the road for some solitude, fresh air, and feisty little wild trout. We did a little scouting around other feeder creeks to see how the water flow was going and found everything was at a good level.

After scouting some of the feeder streams we headed off to the main stream and parked at the camping area and headed up the trail, fishing along the way. There were plenty of little feisty trout to be had up to the falls area. I was so glad to get a trout on the end of the line after a 2 hour drive I fished the area before the falls for several hours before progressing on. I didn't care if they were small, they were a tug on my line and that is all I needed for the day.

While walking around I spotted lots of banded water snakes who seemed to be out warming themselves up and not to eager to move out of my way either. I also saw a HUGE fishing Spider. I had never seen one as big as the one I was looking at sitting 8" from where I stepped up on a rock. This thing was 6"+. The boys wanted to catch that thing....but I thought that was not a good idea. After moving up on the stream I finally made it over the first set of falls and headed up to the bigger pools. I caught several more little feisty trout on a dry dropper rig. I had tied up some caddis flies the night before and tied them with some coastal deer hair I got from some one. I tied a red-ass dropper off the back and caught several on the soft hackle also.


I climbed further up stream a little bit, but my family couldn't follow me too good and the thunder started to roll in so I headed back to the lower portion where it was easier for them to access the water and play around catching minnows and crayfish. I fished some more before it started to rain a little and the boys were tired so we decided to pack it in for the day and head back to the home stead. Can't wait to get back there always fishes good on this stream and the fish are always willing.